Premium Disposable Cigarette Tar Filter Tips (180 Pieces)

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    Product Description:

    We’ve had our in-house designers hard at work to provide the public with revolutionary smoking accessories to aid health throughout smoking and with this incredible product, we’re certain we’ve found some sort of relief for avid smokers.


    Of course, smoking is a highly addictive and unhealthy activity, but we also understand how hard quitting is. We’ve therefore, produced our exclusive Cigarette Filter Tips which provide you with a much safer way to puff away! Simply insert a tip onto the desired cigarette and you’re ready to go.


    This immaculate invention reduces the risk of:


    1.    Bad Breath

    2.    Tartar Build-up

    3.    Lung Cancer

    4.    Throat Discomfort

    5.    Smokers Cough



    Our filters accumulate the tar which would normally enter the body, thus creating a barrier of dense between human and cigarette. Crafted using food-grade plastic, you’re guaranteed a safe to use and quality item which has never been seen! Start smoking safer today.


    Product Specifications:


    Material: Food Grade Plastic

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