Gamesir Mobile Phone Battledock

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    Product Description:

    Merch-Vault has designed a revolutionary piece of kit that will really wow the faces of our mobile customer base. If you're a mobile gamer, you can understand how difficult it can be at times to have a precise aim or to have a less clunky experience when mobile gaming, however we present to you today the ultimate solution for this. Introducing our Gamesir Mobile Phone Battledock, you're able to plug in your keyboard and mouse and can experience your mobile gaming with the ultimate precision. Don't bother losing chicken dinners or #1 victory royales alike and enjoy precision and lightning fast reflexes with this revolutionary item.

    Connecting via Bluetooth simple pair with your device and enjoy the ultimate control a mouse and keyboard brings you. The battledock has a very length battery life but most importantly supports both IOS & Android devices alike. Become the ULTIMATE mobile gamer TODAY!

    Product Specifications:

    Compatible with Android & IOS

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    Customer Information:

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