Anti Slip Silicone Playstation 4 Controller Grips

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    Product Description:

    As gamers, our fingers are the most important tools we have to cause absolute mayhem to our foes online or via single player. Protect your fingers, enhance your game play and make your controller comfortable! Spending so many hours gaming, why not make that controller you hold onto for hours at a time completely soft?

    Our unique silicone design allows you to wrap your Playstation 4 controller in a protective case which provides your hands with an anti-slip service. Mixing comfort with enhancement, you're given a product that truly enhances your gaming experience.

    We here at Merch Vault are gamers! We've enhanced our gaming with these and trust us, these are a godsend

    To make this a better deal for our amazing customers, we throw in 8 FREE Thumb Grips

    Product Features:

    These unique models have been hand-crafted by our in-house designers to create an amazing model every time. Crafted from only the highest quality material, you’re guaranteed an amazing product.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: Silicone

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