About Us

Who are we?

Merch Vault is a premium merchandise retailer with a primary focus on customer satisfaction and product diversification. With a huge stock of ever evolving popular merchandise we aim to provide the best service and quality to our customers. 

As an expanding company, we're wanting to be the pinnacle of unique merchandise which are exclusively available through our marketplace. Our products are updated on a weekly basis in order to provide fresh and innovative designs on a regular basis, ensuring our latest collections are up to date.

Our Designs?

Our designs are developed from only the highest quality sources. Working with both artists and commercial art vendors alike, we've been able to really hand-pick our products based on extreme quality. We're continuously discovering new artists who will join the Merch Vault family with their incredible designs which we're happy to provide the the masses. 

Customer Service Guarantee

We can't emphasize enough the happiness it brings us to meet the needs of our customers, however we provide the assurance that we're always here to provide our customers with assistance around the clock. Our goal of providing you with the best possible experience whilst you're with us will never be deterred and we thank you for your interest or custom at Merch Vault.