PUBG Erangel Map Vehicle Spawn Locations Guide - Cars, Boats, Buggies, Motorbikes - Never Get Lost Again!

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PUBG Erangel Map Vehicle Spawn Locations Guide - Cars, Boats, Buggies, Motorbikes - Never Get Lost Again!

PUBG Vehicles in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds are the best way to move around the Erangel map rapidly, as although they draw attention to the player with the incredibly loud noises of the engine, they offer unmatched speed in moving around the Erangel map. In this PUBG vehicles spawn guide for Erangel, we've got the rundown on every vehicle in Battlegrounds, as well as detailing where you can find the likes of boats, trucks, and dune buggies on the PUBG Erangel map on Xbox One. 

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PUBG Vehicles Locations on Erangel

The benefits of vehicles in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds are obvious: you get to move around the map quickly, going from point to point without having to worry about what lies in between. However, the drawbacks of using vehicles are significant. PUBG is a game about noise, and the general rule is that whoever makes the most noise, typically ends up becoming a target for the rest of the players on the map. 

Therefore, vehicles should be used with caution in Battlegrounds. You'll draw incredible amounts of attention to yourself through using a vehicle, so you should probably only use one of you've got a good means of defending yourself, with an assault rifle or another decent weapon. On top of this, vehicles have their own health bars, which if depleted will cause the vehicle to explode, and they also have fuel gauges, which they can run out of fairly quickly.

PUBG Complete Vehicles List:

  • Buggy - Carries 2
  • UAZ (Open Top) - Carries 5
  • UAZ (Closed Top) - Carries 5
  • Sidecar Motorcycle - Carries 3
  • Motorcycle - Carries 2
  • Dacia 1300 - Carries 4
  • PG-117 (Water) - Carries 5

Above are the complete list of Battlegrounds vehicles, including the sole boat that the PUBG currently features. Additional vehicles may be added in future updates to the game, so we'll be updating this list whenever Bluehole Studio announces a new vehicle for Battlegrounds. 

PUBG Car, Bike, Buggy Spawn Locations on Erangel

We have a map with the complete list of vehicle spawn locations for Battlegrounds, which you can see for yourself just below. Bear in mind that PUBG vehicle spawn locations are mostly randomized, but these are the locations that players have frequently seen Buggies, Motorcycles, Dacias, and more. 

PUBG Boat Spawn Locations in Battlegrounds on Erangel Map

As with the previous map, this map isn't necessarily a comprehensive guide, as boat spawns are randomized, and it's instead a list of locations where boats have most frequently spawned. 

The bonuses and drawbacks of PUBG boats are basically the same as any other vehicle: they offer quick transportation, but draw a lot of noise to the player that uses them. Bear in mind that boats don't always spawn in the ocean that surrounds the Battlegrounds map, as they can also spawn alongside rivers and lakes in the middle of the map.


We hope this map provides some sort of infrastructure to you budding survivors and lets hope that these spawns which are randomized, provide you with the luck escape you need!

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