PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox One roadmap outlined for Spring 2018

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox One roadmap outlined for Spring 2018

More Xbox One Updates?

Yesterday, developer Bluehole revealed the 2018 roadmap for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PC. Aside from showcasing a lush new map, the developer promised a lot more content which gives gamers more to do. The studio has slightly different plans on Xbox One though. While the Xbox One spring roadmap is quite similar in terms of content, the focus here is more on performance and stability.

It's no secret that PUBG doesn't run well on Xbox One or Xbox One X. Before discussing the upcoming changes, the developer promised that it remains committed to delivering the best console experience possible. Over the next few months, the game will receive meaningful improvements to optimization, new content, compelling reasons to play, and refinements to the overall game. These changes were outlined in the "Spring Xbox PUBG Roadmap" posted on the game's forums today.

Upcoming Changes To PUBG 


  • Desert map Miramar is coming to Xbox One in early spring.
  • Patches will take longer to come out so expect one to hit every two to three weeks.
  • The developer will let certain gamers test out Xbox One updates before they go live in Xbox Game Preview.
  • Current console performance is unsatisfactory and the team has identified some key areas to increase frame rate. By making changes to building materials and reducing foliage composition, PUBG should run more consistently.
  • Optimization to game characters and their movements to increase frame rate.
  • Optimization of the number of particle effects that are spawned by vehicles and grenades to increase frame rate.
  • Optimization of object collision complexity to increase frame rate.
  • Balance the work across all CPU cores to reduce streaming hitches when moving.
  • Better quality assets and the speed at which they load will improve in the future.
  • Improved inventory display so it's more efficient and less cumbersome in high-tension situations.
  • New controller layouts so that players can find a scheme that works for them.
  • Improvements to matchmaking so that it's more fair.
  • Ability to quickly report cheaters and those who engage in behavior like team-killing.
  • Bullets will be able to pierce vehicles instead of simply chipping away at their health.
  • Achievements will be coming to the game soon and will be quite creative.
  • Capturing and sharing in-game actions will be easier than before.
  • More customization options like emotes.
  • Better audio quality and directional sound.


What Does This Mean?

For all of us Xbox players, we're given a beautiful new map but most importantly, the changes we want are being made. Bluehole is clearly working to make PUBG a much better Xbox One game therefore respect where respect is due. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


  • Wynand

    Dear PUBG

    I want to say thank you so much for the game you’ve released as is currently and I cant explain how excited I am for the road ahead with Pubg. Ive seen such a improvement from day one with my new Xbox X. Keep it up I’ll be supporting you all the way BIG UP to you!!!

  • Tam

    I love this game even though there are some glitches it still has me hooked but I can’t wait for these changes thanks

  • Kris

    Well since I got the game it really has bin the only game I play I duno I just can’t seem to get off it really looking forward to having a new map to play even with the problems that have bin still haven’t put me off and the latest update has made it run smother so I’m sure your on to the other bits you need to fix and I’m sure you will the game it’s self is an amazing game looking forward to more from you guys

  • William Brooks

    Just would like to play game without crashing. Please fix!!! Also would be nice to have desert map on Xbox. That’s

  • Patrick wagner

    I’ve been playing video games since the Commadore 64. Pubg is brilliant! Thanks for working hard to make it a better gaming experience on Xbox one.

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